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March is Women’s History Month, and in talking with my team about how I wanted to celebrate, I realized just how fortunate I was to have a team of primarily women. My mom, Dina, and I co-founded Sienna Swim together, and she is the administrative powerhouse that keeps everything together. In fact, our entire internal team is made up of women who each bring something special to the group, from graphic design to copywriting, social media and branding, to modeling and photography.
Four women on a zoom meeting on a laptop with a tan notebook in the foreground that says "Sienna Swim"
For me, working with an all-women team has been incredibly special, because in my experience, they value my perspective and respect it. I have been in rooms with men who looked at me like I was a silly teenage girl with too many opinions and not enough experience. I think that thought process is both damaging and foolish on their part. I have not only done business with large brands, I’ve started my own business and brand—with women in my corner who encourage me to speak my mind and who lean in where a lot of men in the business have leaned out. 


Three girls huddle together, two blonds in the background with their eyes closed and one brunette looking straight at the camera
I love working with women because we know how it feels to be talked over, condescended, harassed, or trivialized, and we know how much more is possible when alternatively, everyone feels respected, safe, and valued. We have created a working environment where each of us is given space to truly thrive, and where we can feel a real sense of community.
two women hugging in front of jumbotron
Another really amazing part of working with women who feel respected is that they respect themselves. I have learned so much from each of the women I work with daily about how I deserve to be treated in every relationship, be it business, friendship, romantic or otherwise. 
In forming a company around a circle of strong women, the men we work with know that these are values they must share. My dad Ramon is the first one to affirm us when we say we didn’t like the way a male executive spoke to us. My brother Jacob makes it a priority to ensure anyone he is shooting for the brand feels comfortable and safe. My boyfriend is the first one to encourage us all about the work we’re doing and even volunteers to help us organize inventory. My best friend’s husband happily watches their new baby (and even brings her on set) so that she can work her photography magic. In fact, every man we have ever had on set, in production, or otherwise knows that women empowerment is a central non-negotiable of our team. As a result, these men are also passionate about women’s voices, safe working environments, and making sure that our brand is reflective of the people we most want to celebrate: women who inspire us.
Sienna Swim corporate team poses in front of San Diego Swim Week Orange carpet
This month and every month, I am grateful for a team who reflects the value I believe women in the workplace hold, and even more grateful to be able to have the experience of working alongside them.
Happy Women’s History Month! I can’t wait to share more about the women who inspire me soon.<3 
Sienna Mae Gomez