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It feels like Summer is going to be here any minute, and the thing I am most looking forward to is that post-beach glow. Nothing is better than coming home from a day spent in the sun with a great tan, taking a shower, doing your skin care, throwing on a big tee shirt and settling in for the night to eat snacks and chill. That is my favorite feeling. 
I switch up my routine a bit in the summer to achieve the best vibes possible for the above feeling, so I thought I’d share it with you guys before Summer is in full swing!


My curls love the ocean, but between sand build up on my scalp and salt drying out my ends, my hair definitely needs extra love from May to August. I have been LOVING Act & Acre for the past year. I first started using their Thick & Full Hair Capsules and saw SO much growth that I actually had to stop taking it because my hair was growing too fast. Now, I am a huge fan of their Scalp Detox that treats build up at the root, and the Cold Pressed Curl system that has COMPLETELY revived my hair. Pro-tip: wet your hair with fresh water before heading out to the beach to keep your hair from soaking up the salt water, which can be super drying. When you get home, use the Scalp Detox to slough off any lingering sand, and finish with the Stem Cell Serum & Cold Processed Conditioner! I swear this routine keeps my hair looking healthy and helps minimize breakage so much!
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PR box full of hair care products by act and acre; natural hair care products in a box including Act & Acre's Cold Processed curl, scalp serum, and Fuller Hair System with the text overlay that reads "@actandacre MY ALL TIME FAVORITE HAIR CARE."
I love being tan. Seeing tan lines after a day at the beach feels like a reward, but it’s super important to make sure you’re adding moisture back in as the sun bakes it out. I have noticed such a drastic difference in my overall skin health since switching to Oséa. All of their products smell incredible, feel amazing, and most importantly, they actually work. During my post-beach shower, I go in with the Ocean Cleanser, which is gentle but effective and lightly exfoliating. It clears away my sunscreen and makeup, as well as any dead skin to reveal the perfect tan glow. Next, I go in with my moisture products; the Ocean Eyes Serum, Hyaluronic Sea Serum, and the Atmosphere Protection Cream. I use coconut oil (and sunscreen) all over my body to really lock in that tan, and then I’m ready for the most essential component of this routine…
20 or so brand new boxed products of different variety from Osea Malibu Skin Care. The packaging is teal and white, and the boxes sit atop a white faux fur rug
I love an oversized tee. They’re the easiest thing to throw on no matter where you’re going, but the feeling of being clean and moisturized, and climbing into bed into a big, soft tee shirt is unmatched. That feeling inspired my Sienna Swim graphic tees, meant to look and feel like the old shirts you reach for every time for their softness and nostalgic designs. In case you missed it, we dropped the new Postcard series tee this week, featuring a design of Rio de Janeiro, a city that has inspired us so much. Stay on the lookout, there may be some more designs in the very near future (ahem, this week!)…;)
Girl in flash photo wearing a true white tee shirt with the words "Greetings From Rio De Janeiro, Love Sienna Swim" featuring a vintage postcard design. Background is mountains and greenery.
Once you’re clean, comfy, and ready to sit in bed until dinner time, grab your favorite fresh fruit (or my favorite, frozen mango chunks from Trader Joes) and cozy up to watch The Office on repeat. I believe this exact routine is the cure for just about any bad mood, and just talking about it is getting me excited for those long, warm summer days. I’m even more excited for what Sienna Swim has in store for you guys this Summer, so make sure you’re following along on our Instagram—you won’t want to miss what’s coming!
Sienna Mae Gomez