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It’s January, which means we have turned the symbolic fresh page into the new year…I don’t know about you guys, but I can feel it. I love the concept of starting fresh, aiming to do better, and honoring the progress we’ve made in the last 365 days before looking forward to the next 365. I feel so hopeful for this year, primarily because if 2021 taught me anything, it was how to take care of myself. 
So today, on the fifth day of this bright and shiny new year, I thought I would suggest healthy habits to integrate this year based on your astrology sign’s 2022 horoscope
I love all things having to do with horoscopes and though I’m definitely not an expert, this is my take on everything I’ve been seeing for each sign when it comes to reevaluating what worked and what didn’t in 2021 so that we can move through 2022 with renewed eyes and hearts. Let’s dive in:

Sienna Mae Gomez Healthy Habits

2022 will be a year of big career changes, shedding layers you’ve outgrown, and creating space for a new chapter. With all the growth around you and people looking to you for leadership, it’s going to be CRUCIAL that you take some serious Me Time. Take yourself out to dinner, or a movie, whatever you feel like best relaxes YOU. Try to take space from friends and family when possible, and really spend time with the person you’re becoming. It will allow you to tune into the inner voice you’ll rely on through all of this year’s big decisions.

Sienna Mae Gomez Aries

This year, chaos is your new normal. You experienced discomfort in 2021 that was caused by clearing away the things and people you’d outgrown. This year, with the pandemonium that a blank slate invites, you’ll need to foster genuine connection and build community. The best way to do this? Volunteer with a cause you care about. It will connect you with individuals who respect your growth and allow you to pour into your community, creating a grounding effect that will stabilize you this year.

Sienna Mae Gomez Taurus

In 2021, you laid the groundwork, Gemini. This year, things move from the conceptual to the concrete, and you will be required to focus in a way that feels very demanding. Self care is crucial for you this year, especially because with your heightened success, people will be drawn to you. In an effort to keep yourself afloat and to also not rely too much on your friends, therapy will be a great way to monologue when you need to, and get unbiased advice on which steps to take next.

Sienna Mae Gomez Gemini

Cancer, you’ve been a caretaker for a long time. Now, your wild side will be released as you move into a year of visionary work. Dream BIG, then dream BIGGER. Visualize the things you want and then tell yourself you WILL get them. The best way to take care of yourself in this dreamy state? A manifestation journal! Write down all of your goals with the preface “I will…” It is a conversation with yourself AND with the universe (which, as we know, are intrinsically intertwined).

Sienna Mae Gomez Cancer

Partnerships play a big role this year, Leo, but so do freedom and exploration. If you’ve been questioning whether or not to leave your current situation, now is the time. If not, you’re craving self exploration, so adopt a new hobby or try something for the first time! Take a cooking class, learn how to surf or paint, and remember that at the center of everything you try should be the pursuit of FUN! Integrating new experiences is such a healthy habit to have because it reminds us that we are ever growing and changing!

Sienna Mae Gomez Leo

This is your year to work smarter, not harder, Virgo. 2021 saw a lot of dedication and hard work from you. 2022 is your time to take a battery out, relax, and remember why you’re here! You need to give every area of your life a stress check, and what better way to check in with yourself than a vacation! If you can’t do a big trip this year, integrate “mini” vacations for yourself by planning one fun activity for yourself a week that has nothing to do with productivity! Take a walk with a friend you love, watch your favorite comfort movie, or schedule meditation time. You deserve it!

Sienna Mae Gomez Virgo

Libra, this year for you will be a shift towards balance, routine, and steadiness. You will be learning how to become your own center, which makes yoga the perfect healthy habit for you. Whether you’re YouTubing routines or taking an in-person class, practicing yoga each day will be the perfect way to feed your mind, body, and soul! 

Sienna Mae Gomez Libra

Reinvention, playful curiosity and rebirth color 2022 for you, Scorpio! This year will be one of excitement, and shedding layers that no longer serve you. The best way to shed those layers and take care of the new ones? Revamping your skincare routine! Nothing says “Rebirth” quite like fresh, glowing, hydrated skin, so take a moment to reevaluate your product lineup and choose options that best serve your new and improved self! 

Sienna Mae Gomez Scorpio

Sagittarius, your 2022 will be all about deep personal discovery and evolution, which will require you to be very in tune with yourself. It may become mentally exhausting at times to do a constant deep-dive, so make sure you are nourishing your body and mind with home cooked meals! Cooking for yourself is a healthy habit that requires you to work with your hands, effectively taking your mind off of whatever introspective crisis you may find yourself in. My advice? Learn how to cook your favorite comfort food!

Sienna Mae Gomez Sagittarius

My fellow Cap babies! This year is going to be one of high visibility and we will be very social this year. This is amazing, but can also be very demanding. How will we cope? Unplugged, one-on-on time with our closest confidants. Plan intentional time with them where you both leave your phones in the car and hike, or take a pottery class together for some hands on QT.

Sienna Mae Gomez Capricorn

Aquarius! 2021 chewed you up and spit you out girl. This year, you are reaping the fruits of your labor and could be looking at a promotion, a move, or some serious relationship shifts. Your work life is about to explode, meaning you are going to need to get into the healthy habit of scheduling time for yourself! Though this goes against your free-spirited nature, rest assured that with the addition of a little bit of order, will come the opportunity for just the right amount of chaos you crave! 

Sienna Mae Gomez Aquarius

You’re looking down the belly of a big year of change, Pisces! In work, love, and family there will be big shifts that will lead you craving stability that won’t necessarily be achievable. My advice to you is find joy in routine. More specifically, your bath time routine. This year will make you feel like you need a hug, and when you’ve got to give it to yourself, a warm, luxurious bath with epsom salts, flower petals, you name it—whatever makes you feel most cared for.

Sienna Mae Gomez Pisces

Did it resonate? Let me know! No matter your star sign, remember that doing nice things for yourself and building healthy habits is the best way to steer this year in the direction of your dreams. <3 

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