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Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it brings the promise of a fresh start, with new life and growth. Flowers start to bloom and days are a bit longer with the spring forward that brings later sunsets (and if you’re from California like me, you know that means sunset swims when the water warms up). It’s the first sign that the cold of winter is shaking off and for me, it feels reenergizing.
I associate Spring with sunshine, the color green, and also with cleaning. Spring cleaning is a great way to re-energize your physical spaces by clearing away clutter, giving away things you no longer use or need, or maybe just doing a deep-cleanse you’ve been putting off while it’s been cold. In addition to cleaning our physical spaces, I think Spring is the perfect time to clean mental and spiritual spaces as well.
Maybe it’s because I’m most comfortable in the sun at the beach, but winter is always kind of hard for me. This winter in particular was full of hard lessons and big growing moments. Moving out of that season feels like shaking away the cocoon I’ve been growing in and moving onward to my next phase of life.

Sienna Mae Gomez Kailua

Spring cleaning my socials
As some of you may know, I’ve been taking a break from social media. This break has been very intentional, thoughtful, and healthy for me. When you make a living being online, it can be scary to step away to take care of yourself, but it’s essential. I am grateful for the communities of people who support me and cheer for me online, and I am eventually going to be excited to come back and create for them. In the meantime, though, taking a break has given life to new habits and new perspectives that I am looking forward to carrying with me into Spring.
I was born in 2004, which means that I’ve never really known a life without the internet in some form. My parents’ rule was that we had to wait until we were 13 to be on Instagram or Facebook (which I’m grateful for), but even still, that’s five very formative years that I’ve been on social media.
So that’s why “spring cleaning” this year isn’t just of my closet, or my car, but also my social media. I’m trying to answer these three questions:
  1. Who or what have I been following that no longer serves me or motivates me to be a kinder, better version of myself? 
  2. What content makes me feel good when I’m down?
  3. What do I look at that might not be great for my mental health? 
I’m still working through my answers. But I do know when I get back online, what I post, how much I post and who I follow will probably look different than it did a few months ago.

Sienna Mae Gomez on hike in Hawaii

Being present is more fun
In the time that I’ve been off social media, I’ve realized how fun it can be to leave your phone at home and be present. I’ve been surfing, connecting more with the people around me. I’ve been going to bed earlier, reading more, finding time to cook, going on sunset runs and middle of the day hikes, and just taking the space I so desperately needed to remember what it felt like to be a human without millions of people weighing in on my appearance, my body, my life.
Just this week I went to a Still Woozy concert and a John Mayer concert and  danced with my best friend and little brother, laughed with my parents, and had the best time without feeling like I had to post about it. It was so freeing! (pictures taken by my dad, lol).

Sienna Mae Gomez Still Woozy Concert
Sienna Mae Gomez John Mayer

These habits I’ve cultivated over the last two months are the ones I plan to carry with me into Spring. I want to clear away all the self doubt, negativity, and pain and bring positivity, light, radiance, and FUN to share with others into my next season.
So as we enter Spring, I want to encourage you all to clear away the clutter, both on your floor and in your minds, and create space for new love, laughter, and friendship. We all deserve a fresh start. <3

Sienna Mae Gomez