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Last week, I shared how much I love how Hailey Bieber uses her platform to bolster information and brands by experts in communities outside of her own. I really want to start doing more of this on my platform, so this week I’m shouting out five of my favorite woman-owned brands. These are brands that I have personally used and LOVE. So let’s dive in!
1. STARFACE: You can find me rocking one of these adorable starface signature pimple patches in plenty of my tiktok videos and instagram stories. Co-founded by Julie Schott, former beauty director of Elle, these tiny patches pack a punch and get rid of acne without scarring. I love that they almost celebrate acne with the star design and bright colors. It’s a nice reminder that breakouts happen and that fun doesn’t have to stop because of them.

Sienna Mae Gomez x Starface

2. SAALT: this feminine hygiene brand was founded by Amber Fawson and Cherie Hoeger who began their journey into period products after finding out that women in Venezuela did not have adequate access to period products. Their line is organic, sustainable, and available in a Target near you!
3. SET ACTIVE: Anyone who knows me knows that I love activewear. Daily movement is such a huge part of my routine and having clothes that make me feel cute, comfortable, and confident makes all the difference inside the gym and out. Set Active was founded by Lindsey Carter, who was listed on Forbes 30 under 30 list and who is also a new mother, proving women really can have it all. The brand’s extensive colors and different fabrics, all with their signature seamless designs, make their lines arguably the most fashionable and their extensive size range is inclusive, double win!

Sienna Mae Gomez Set Active

4. BELLE THE LABEL: feeling beautiful on the beach is one of my favorite feelings, but feeling beautiful on the beach when you know that your suit is sustainably made by workers who are paid fair wages feels even better. Belle the Label was founded by Annabelle Shumann, and as CEO and creative director of her company, she has made it a priority to ensure her suits are ethically made. Not to mention they’re gorgeous!

Sienna Mae Gomez x Belle The Label

5.REFY BEAUTY: If you haven’t heard of this beauty brand, buckle up. Founded by Jess Hunt, the brand celebrates natural beauty and encourages confidence, which I am all about. Their eyebrow line is my absolute favorite and I can’t live without it. I just received a PR package with their newest lip collection…already obsessed!

Refy Beauty PR

I hope you enjoyed reading about these brands and make sure to try them out if you’re interested! I’d like to start doing one of these shoutouts every month, so if you or anyone you know has a business that deserves some love, make sure to share it with me at! <3

Sienna Mae Gomez