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San Diego is my beloved hometown – it’s where I went to preschool and part of elementary school, where I first learned to ride a bike and surf a wave. It’s where I spent every free weekend from school or dance and it’s where I feel my most centered self. 
That’s why I’m so excited that this is where I get to premiere Sienna Swim at our first official Swim Week! Just like New York is famous for “Fashion Week ” there are a few notable fashion shows – or “swim weeks” – designed to showcase swimwear and resort fashion wear. 
This weekend, I’ll be closing the San Diego Swim Week (SDSW) shows – featuring designs from my first collection and a sneak peek at my second collection, which officially goes on sale next month. It all feels so surreal!
The event, run by the amazing Eyga Mojus, is such a powerful and important gathering for designers and models alike. In June, my team attended the SDSW kick off event while I was away shooting the first collection in Hawaii. I was so sad to miss it, but my mom and team members were there to make sure the show went smoothly and were blown away by how much thought and detail went into the event.
Before the shows, Eyga arranged to have panels of different speakers, including the designers of each line (thanks again mom for speaking on my behalf!<3) talk about their experience in business and how they can use social media for good. I was so sad to have missed the event but was so stoked to see how many women in business were included in the event. There were designers, authors, app developers, life coaches, social media creators, and more who had so much insight as to how to use their platforms for good, how to create true community within the industry, and most importantly, how to run businesses that allow them to live out their dreams.
Dina Gomez
In addition to all the amazing women speakers, my team also got to meet some beautiful, kind, and amazing women who modeled our line (and some are modeling again this weekend!)! If the women we meet this weekend are anything like the ones my team encountered at the last event, I know it will be a great time! I’m also excited to network with the other designers on Sunday and even sell a bathing suit or two at a pop-up event!
More than anything, I’m looking forward to connecting with other creators this weekend. My favorite part about working in a creative industry is getting to meet people who want to share ideas, get excited about innovation, and connect through art and expression.
If you will be at SDSW this weekend make sure to find me and come say hi! I can’t wait to see my line on the runway for the first time ever! And if you can’t make it this weekend, maybe you can join me in Hawaii for Hawai’i Swim Show! It hasn’t even been formally announced yet, but I’m honored to have been asked to bring Sienna Swim back to my other home of Hawaii too! <3
Sienna Mae Gomez