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It seems surreal to say, but I can’t believe DROP 2 IS LIVE NOW! This second collection means so much to me and my team, because it was our first chance to take the feedback we received and show you all how much we value your insight and honesty.
Sienna Mae Gomez Swim Line
Our first big piece of feedback was that people wanted to see more model diversity on our websites and socials. As some of you may know, we launched our global ambassador program last week that includes so many different shapes, sizes, backgrounds and more to ensure that as many people as possible feel represented when they interact with our brand. The second big piece of feedback was our sizing.
Sienna Mae Gomez Femia Ambassadors
I am new to retail and so is most of my team. When we originally developed our size chart, we took the word of our manufacturer and used what they referred to as “standard sizing.” Come to find out, when it comes to women’s clothing, especially in extended sizes, there is no standard sizing. There’s a huge discrepancy among soft goods production companies about extended sizing; for example, some manufacturers equate “XXL” and “2XL” while others refer to XXL as one above XL, and 2XL as being two above XL. My team and I did an enormous amount of research and what we found out was that (a) no one has yet developed a comprehensive standard for extended sizing, and (b) access to fashionable, affordable, desirable extended size clothing is not easy to come by. We weren’t happy with what we found, so we took another approach.
To remedy this issue in our sizing, we scouted sample models in the LA and San Diego area to come and try out our samples for the second collection. They tried on every suit and were asked for their honest feedback on where the suit could be better, whether or not it felt too small or too large compared to the size they usually take in swimwear, and how the suit made them feel overall. We then shared their feedback with our manufacturer and developed our own new size chart, with measurements that are calculated from real, in person try-ons, not projections calculated up from a “standard,” model size. PLUS, our sizing now extends to 3XL. We also completely changed up the design of two of our suits that just weren’t flattering on any of the bodies: The Capri top and the Venice bottoms. I’m so happy we did because they are both infinitely better than they were in our first iteration.
More than anything, I want people to know that the intention behind this line is for it to be for everyone. I want people of all shapes, sizes, identities, backgrounds, etc. to come to our website and feel as though they have found something that they can feel good in. Something they feel seen and celebrated in. Something that brings out the flattering, feminine energy each of us has inside us.
Sienna Mae Gomez Ambassadors
This line is my baby. It’s been something I dreamed about for years and to see it coming to life is incredible. To have the opportunity to grow it, change it for the better, improve it and make it an experience that brings me and others joy is something I am incredibly grateful for. I truly can’t tell you all how much I appreciate you sharing honest feedback, and I hope you’ll continue to! It’s only going to keep getting better. <3
Sienna Mae Gomez