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I love doing my makeup. To me, the whole process is kind of like my morning coffee; I love the routine of putting it together, and the finished product makes me feel ready to take on my day.
I started playing with makeup at a very young age because as a competitive dancer I had to become pretty skilled pretty quickly – from false lashes to a bold red lip with stage-worthy precision.
These days, I go for a much more natural look, and my favorite products are the ones that subtly enhance the features I already have, and also highlight my favorite parts of my face. I’m constantly trying new products, be it from PR that I’m sent or the pretty frequent trips I take to Sephora. I get asked (a lot!) for my makeup routine and since I’ve found myself reaching for the same key products over the past few months, especially with how much I’ve been traveling, I thought it would be the perfect time to share an updated list of my essentials and favorites.
Sienna Mae Gomez poses with clear makeup travel bag on Snapchat
I think a solid base and an even complexion are the basis of any good makeup look. I can’t stand the look of dry, caked makeup on myself which is why my tried and true concealers are by NARS and Kosas, whose formulas sit perfectly on my under eyes and on top of any blemishes. I like to use those for more coverage and then the Tower 28 tinted moisturizer over top for an even, flawless glow without feeling like I’m wearing a lot of layers of makeup. I’m also (still) in love with Freck – how some cute freckles across my nose and cheeks make me feel sun-kissed and natural, even when I’m not in the sun.
Face makeup products by various brands
Blush is undoubtedly my favorite product to add a little something extra to any look. I’ve tried just about every blush on the planet and have learned that a little color goes a long way. Right now, my favorites are the Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain, the Refy Beauty cream blush in Malaya, and the Milk Makeup cream blush in Terracotta. The Benetint stain is perfect when I want something light that packs a colorful punch, whereas the Milk Makeup cream is great for a more subtle look. The Refy blush is perfect to layer over top for a little something extra, or as a creamy eyeshadow when you don’t want to travel with a palette.
Blush products from Benefit, Milk Makeup, and Refy Beauty
I will ALWAYS travel with my Make Up Forever brown and black eyeliners. I love to start with the brown and add some black along my lash line and blend them both out to elongate my lashes and make subtle cat eye. I’m also in love with Rare Beauty Perfect Strokes mascara, but I also always find myself reaching for the Huda Beauty 2 in 1. Pro-tip: heat your eyelash curler with a blow drier for 10-15 seconds (make sure it’s not hot to the touch) before curling your lashes for a little extra volume!
Mascara by Rare Beauty, and Huda Beauty and eyeliners by Makeup Forever
Two things I never leave my home without: my Refy Beauty brow products. This combo keeps my brows sharp and stuck and I seriously refuse to use anything else!
Brow Products from Refy Beauty
Honestly, when I travel my main priority for my lips is hydration. I love Aquaphor because it has SPF in it (so essential to keeping them healthy!). I also love the Laneige Lip Mask in vanilla or strawberry over top of a subtle lip liner (MAC lip pencil in Cork is my go-to!) for a glossy look that is still supple and hydrating!
Lip products from Aquafor, Laneige, and Mac cosmetics
I can’t wait to share some more of my favorite products with you all this year! I share a lot of these products on Snapchat and am definitely most active on that platform, so make sure you’re subscribed to me there, and please let me know if there are any other essentials or obsessions you’d like me to share! And if you’d like to shop any of these products, you can find them all here on my Amazon storefront! <3
Sienna Mae Gomez