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Last weekend I went to my first ever Coachella, which was also my very first music festival! I’ve always loved going to concerts, but as you would probably guess, Coachella was next level. I had the best time choosing all my outfits, attending different parties with my friends, and of course, seeing some incredible live music. Here’s a recap of my favorite moments and links to all my outfits since so many of you have left comments and lots and lots of DMs wanting to know where everything is from! 
Tiktok comments requesting outfit details for a dress, skirt, and boots
I stayed with some friends at a house sponsored by Geojam, and they seriously made it the best experience. For those who might not know, Geojam is a super fun app that poses questions to you and your friends, and you can’t see anyone else’s answer until you’ve answered. I feel like it’s such a different kind of social media and so far I’m having a ton of fun with it! They had everything set up for us at the house with recovery kits, every type of drink you could think of, plenty of snacks and all the things we needed to survive and thrive the whole weekend. Once we were settled in, we kicked off the weekend at a Playboy pre-party that was so much fun.
Giftboxes from Geojam on a bed with green jeojam blanket
Choosing my outfits for the weekend was something I was really looking forward to. I knew the vibe of Coachella had changed to be a little bit more casual in recent years, but I still wanted to incorporate some recent trends I’ve been loving, without feeling overdone or over the top. I mainly wanted to be comfortable since I knew we’d be walking around and dancing for hours. The outfits I chose ended up being the ones I felt best suited me, made me feel comfortable, but also felt fun and Coachella-esque. 
I love putting together new outfits, but I’m also on a mission to find new ways to incorporate items I already have in my closet, rather than feeling like I can only wear something once. Day one I was so excited to wear my Steve Madden boots (by day three, not so much, lol). I wanted to wear them with something girly, cute, and bright. I wore the tan boots with two items I already had in my closet: a yellow knit skirt from Tiger Mist (similar one linked here), and a yellow bodysuit from Victoria’s Secret (get this one in the same color on sale!). I loved the monochromatic look and coordinated the boots using this belt from Free People. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend! Later that day, I changed into one of my favorite, super comfy and flattering sets from Paloma Wool, who always has the softest, coolest stuff, for a Geojam x LA weekly party. Their items are so unique and well-made, which is proven by the fact that I’ve been wearing this one for nearly two years. 
Girl in yellow top, skirt, brown belt, and tan boots posing in front of a Geojam banner
Girl in two piece set at Coachella stage in Indio, CA
I loved the Paloma Wool set so much the night before, I ended up wearing it for day two at Coachella, since I hardly wore it at the after party the night before. If you’re heading to Coachella this weekend, I highly recommend finding a pair of lightweight, breathable pants to wear, it was perfect for when I wanted to sit in the grass without it getting stuck to me. It also took me into the Levi’s Neon Carnival that night, which was so much fun! My boyfriend and I rode some rides, played carnival games, and ate some yummy (but not so healthy) food. Later that night, I opted for something a little edgier, but still comfortable and lightweight for the Amazon Music event we attended. I chose this Jaded London dress and paired it with the same Steve Madden boots. I loved the 2000’s vibe of this dress and the mixture of the leather and denim textures together and received lots of compliments at the Amazon event. Seeing the way Coachella has become an opportunity for brands like Geojam, Levi’s and Amazon to get creative and throw fun events was really inspiring as a business owner and creator in general. You could tell so much planning and team work went into coordinating the event and I was grateful to be included.
Girl in denim mini dress posing in front of multi color Amazon music banner
By day three, I was exhausted, truly. My feet could not take one more second in heels, so I knew whatever I wore would have to go with my black Adidas sambas. I also knew I was ready to be in a bikini because it was HOT. That’s why I opted for the Cocoa Rio bottom from my baby Sienna Swim (now on sale!) and a cute matching bralette from Free People under this dress from Rat & Boa which was such a fun, sparkly, boho moment. I knew that this combo would be comfortable enough for me to make it through the day and night for the event I was most excited for: Frank Ocean. 
Photo of woman's body in green beaded mesh dress with nude colored undergarments
Aside from his short set being one of the highlights of my weekend, I also loved seeing Kali Uchis. I don’t think I’ll ever forget looking out in the tent and realizing for the first time what a group of 50,000 people actually looks like. It was one of those moments when you realize humans are coming together to do a human thing together, listening to music, having fun with our friends, dancing, and enjoying ourselves. It was a great energy to be around. Overall, I had the best weekend and couldn’t have hoped for a better first music festival experience!
Neon pink sign suspended over crowd of people that reads "Neon Carnival"
I am now happily home, living in my go-to active wear and sweatpants, and finally recovered from little to no sleep, ringing eardrums, and dancing in platform heels. I am both exhausted and exhilarated in the best way and wouldn’t change a thing. <3
Sienna Mae Gomez