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If you’re already following me on Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, you know that I just finished up an amazing couple of weeks in the South of France. If not, don’t worry, I’m recapping it all here for you and sharing all the things I loved most about this trip.
I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had over the last few years to tour Europe, because traveling really is an investment in yourself. You gift yourself an experience that broadens your view of the world, expands your understanding of other cultures, and, in my case, helps me get to know myself better. In many ways, I feel like traveling and my business have taken the place of a traditional college setting because I’m getting out of my comfort zone and being forced to learn on the fly. 
Speaking of my business, this trip to France gave me SO much inspiration for the upcoming Sienna Swim collections. One of my most favorite parts about traveling is seeing the way other cultures express color—whether it’s on their buildings, in their clothing and textiles, or the landscaping they choose. Removing myself from my day-to-day scenery really helps me notice the way other colors, shapes, and patterns make me feel, which helps inspire my design process a ton.
I also love the fashion aspect of traveling. Of course, I love seeing what other people in the countries I’m visiting are wearing, but more than that, I love to adapt my own style to the inspiration I’m gaining from the scenery, culture, and vibe of wherever I’m visiting. This trip was very French girl-chic in that I wore a lot of skirts, dresses, and lace. I wanted to feel flirty but beachy, and this feeling has definitely made its way into the upcoming Sienna Swim collection, but more on that later…;)
Beyond the incredible inspiration I found in France, I also found incredible food. I swear all we did for the ten days we were gone was eat. I had pizza, gelato, pasta, and pastries almost daily. I love traveling in groups because we can order a few different things and each try a few bites here and there to figure out our favorites. I felt like we were on a never-ending food tour, but we did prepare a few meals at home, too! This is a great way to save money on your trips, so long as you have a kitchen. Even if you don’t, though, grocery stores made the perfect place for beach snacks like the amazing strawberries I couldn’t get enough of. 
The inspiration kept coming as my boyfriend and I attended the Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity! My favorite parts (other than seeing Jack Harlow) were the amazing panels of people from all over the entertainment industry talking about their experiences, art, and everything in between. My last few events were with my favorite ever Snapchat, to celebrate 100 years of Storytelling with Disney and an invite-only cocktail party with live music at the world-famous La Malmaison art gallery.
I left this trip feeling empowered, motivated, and ready to create. I can’t wait to share what’s in store with all of you!<3
Sienna Mae Gomez