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Sienna Mae Gomez Travel Playlist on Spotify

I don’t know about you guys but one of my favorite things about going on trips is letting my main character fantasy rage on the plane ride there. We all do it, we look out at the new city or ocean below us and suddenly we are the lead in our brain’s own romantic comedy. Maybe we’ll fall in love with the passenger next to us, or brush hands with someone at baggage claim and never be the same. Whichever way you spin it, the possibilities are endless. That’s why my Spotify travel playlist has a song for every scenario.

A good playlist keeps it interesting. I mean, we are scoring the movie in my head here-we’ve got to keep them guessing. I like a mix of pop, rap, hip hop, soul, really everything. I get hyped for takeoff with Travis Scott, picture my wedding day with Donny Hathaway, or manifest a music video cameo with Becky G (the law of attraction is real, check out the music video here). Why? Because every romantic comedy has twists, turns, and surprises.
I’ve been wanting to blog for a while to share what’s on my mind, how I feel, and my favorite things (including my fav music!) but just haven’t had much time until now…sitting on an airplane to Italy, listening to Selena Gomez who I have been obsessed with for, well ever, but especially lately. Her music is vulnerable, relatable, and sometimes spicy. She has a song for every feeling; sad, happy, flirty, I can always count on her to get me through a good cry or a good dance. We love a versatile queen. Sensory fatigue is real though, and sometimes you need a song that calms your mind. That’s where Still Woozy comes in. I LOVE HIM. His production is unlike anything else out there right now and even his faster songs are so soothing. I slip into a sort of meditative state when I listen to Still Woozy. Which is exactly what you need around travel hour seven.

Sienna Mae Gomez in Italy

One of my main goals in life right now is to restructure my thinking and put gratitude first. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to travel, and I’m trying to make every experience a positive one. So instead of looking at my commute, or travel days as in between, I look at them as experiences, which I’ll be sharing with you via this blog. Every car or train ride, flight or shuttle is an experience in and of itself. All you need is some vision, a pair of headphones, and a playlist with enough variety to keep your brain busy. Mine is linked here, and I hope you’ll listen along with me! We can picture meeting each other at baggage claim, becoming best friends, and taking on another adventure together <3