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When I started making videos last year showing my belly rolls, being honest about my insecurities, and embracing my body as she is—I never thought I would end up becoming a role model for young people in the “body positive” sphere. I started sharing those things because it felt authentic to me, not because I had plans of captivating an audience with it.
A year later, I’ve had the absolute privilege of fielding messages from people of all kinds telling me how I have helped them accept themselves. I’ve also appeared in Elle Mexico, Vogue and Cosmopolitan (three absolute dream publications) for my impact in creating a more open conversation surrounding body image, self acceptance, and mental health. 
The funny thing about recognition is that it is usually matched by equal parts scrutiny. A lot of messages I receive on a daily basis highlight the fact that I’m “not plus size,” (which I have never claimed to be) or that I “have a dream body,” (having a body is a dream); many others comment about my weight fluctuations, and question my credibility in the “body positive” space. More about that in a minute.