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I feel like in the last two years I’ve really found my own sense of style. My shift from sixteen to seventeen was a big one, and it made me braver, more confident in my own skin, and more willing to try styles I might have been nervous about before. One thing I’ve been exploring in the last year has been accessorizing, especially with jewelry. I have my staple pieces that I wear everyday, but I’ve also built a collection of eclectic earrings, rings, and necklaces that I use to switch up my look.
My approach to jewelry is more is more. I love layering necklaces, wearing multiple ear piercings, and a ring on each finger (sometimes two lol). I mix gold with beads, pearls with silver, chunky cherry earrings with bubble rings, you name it. I love the personality that different jewelry brings, and how each item can remind you of a place, person, time, or feeling just by looking at it. Every piece has a story, so today I thought I’d share a few of the ones behind my favorite pieces with you <3 

Sienna Mae Gomez