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Something I have been thinking about recently is my relationship with myself. It’s interesting because it’s not something we are really taught as kids—how to get in tune with the one person we can never get away from. I’ve been thinking a lot about what my “highest” self, or the self I feel most comfortable but also challenged in, looks like. 
Last week, we talked about how I was facing changes in my life and cultivating habits that best served me.Then, my brother and I filmed my second rendition of the Vanity Fair inspired series, “Same Interview, Different Year” (watch video below).

Sienna Mae Gomez 2020
I think when we are working to create new habits, grow, and face current challenges in our lives, we forget how far we have come, and how much power we truly have to change our lives if we decide to. I was reminded of this while watching my own answers back from last year’s video.
Lately, I have felt pressure to grow and pivot in my career the same way I am in my life. I want to do, grow, and share more with the people who support me but it’s sometimes tricky figuring out how to express myself across platforms while I learn about my own role in the world. I will be the first to say that I don’t know everything about anything. I do my best to learn from each day and to take those lessons with me into every tomorrow I am blessed with, which I think is all any of us can do. However, trying to share, care, listen and learn can often lead to a feeling of stagnancy, at least for me, because I at times feel as though people don’t want me to share my whole journey, just the result. The thing is though, the lessons I am learning about body confidence, the world, and myself are ever-changing. I would much rather take people along for the ride with me than pretend that I have everything figured out all at once, because I definitely don’t. 
Sienna Mae Gomez 16 years old
Watching my interview from last year made me realize how much I’ve grown, and it was so encouraging to see the ways my values and focus have shifted away from things that were energy drainers, and toward things that were energy producers. I’ve started spending more time with people who make me feel seen and heard, but also aren’t afraid to tell me when I’m wrong out of a place of love. I’ve turned my creativity into a business. I’ve seen more of the world around me and have allowed it to shift my perspective and make me incredibly grateful for the life I am living each day.
I think more than anything, I’ve welcomed more true love into my life than ever before. I might not have a boyfriend yet, but I know that when I do, it’s going to be someone who reflects all the other healthy relationships I have cultivated over the last year. I know this because it is a habit I have made—spending my time with people who are kind, honest, caring, and loving. It’s so encouraging to see the effects a year can have on your life! 
So if you’re feeling stagnant, or like you’re not doing as well as you thought you’d be doing right now, I want to encourage you to sit down and write about even just three things that have changed within you or around you over the last year for the better. Try to identify what habits got you there, and which ones maybe kept you from your potential to grow. Make a list of the habits you want to cultivate and how you think they could change your life! If you’re in need of a reminder of how much can happen in a year, watch my interview (and make sure to leave a comment), and remember that you absolutely have the power to change your life, and to welcome more love and light into it along the way <3

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