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Halloween has always been fun, but in the last five years or so I feel like it’s become a time for creatives to showcase their skillsets. Makeup artists, costume designers, and hair stylists come together across the industry to create the most inspiring and iconic looks during spooky season.
I feel like the costume you choose is also an unspoken reflection of your personality. It’s a time to recreate your favorite movie looks, characters, and in other cases, music artists or celebrities.This year, I wanted to choose a costume that encompassed all the things I love: music, dancing, and Y2K fashion. To achieve all these elements, there was only one real choice: Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez
J.Lo has always been one of my favorite artists. Whether she’s singing, dancing, acting, running a beauty and clothing empire or being a mom, she does it in style. She’s always been someone I have looked up to and wanted to emulate in my own career, as she has always celebrated her Latina heritage and embraced her body even when it was different from other women in the industry. 
The dance teachers at my childhood dance studio called me “little J.Lo” not only because I loved the superstar, but because I acted like her. I was confident, spicy, and unafraid to respectfully let people know when I held a different opinion than them. They also said I looked like her, which to this day is one of my favorite compliments I have ever received.. J.Lo and women like her have long since inspired me to not limit myself, to pursue all of my interests, and that if you decide you’re meant to do something, you’ll do it. 
Sienna Mae Gomez young
I wanted to recreate my most favorite J.Lo looks, so I chose her 2000’s VMA all white look, a paparazzi shot of her in super cool and casual Adidas sweatpants, a funny paparazzi shot of both her and then (and now!) boyfriend Ben Affleck, and her ever-recreated Versace dress look that actually became the catalyst for Google Images (true story).
JLo and Sienna Mae Gomez
My team and I sourced the outfits in pieces online, then hand-rhinestoned, hot glued, cut, and sewed each piece to work for the shots captured by my friend and photographer Ivana Cook. I did my own makeup, and my hair queen Jen Lagron worked her magic to give me the J.Lo locks of my dreams.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck + Sienna Mae Gomez
All the behind the scenes of my J.Lo shoot (plus an extra look that didn’t make it to IG) are on my Youtube channel now, and while you’re there make sure to subscribe so you never miss my videos! I hope you all had a fun, safe, and spooky Halloween! <3 

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