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November is National Healthy Skin Month, and if you are obsessed with skin care like me, it’s our time to shine. There are few better feelings than the one you get when your skin feels healthy and hydrated, but I think we need to talk about what “healthy” skin actually looks like.
Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies. It’s our protective layer from the world around us, and it’s also a good indicator of what’s going on below the surface.
One comment I have been getting pretty frequently on TikTok has been about the fact that I have acne on my forehead. 
Yes, I have acne, I’m 17! Acne is not a bad thing. It’s our skin’s way of letting us know what it needs and if there are larger issues at hand that should be dealt with. When we have allergic reactions, one of the first signs is typically skin irritation. Digestive issues are also signified by changes in our skin, and our hormonal cycles usually kick off with a pimple or two that lets us know things are changing as they should be.