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One thing I have always loved is interior design. I can spend hours shopping for vintage items at flea markets to find hidden gems, and I eat up every video posted to the Architectural Digest Youtube channel. Recently, I revamped my bedroom, mostly with things I already had on hand, to create my happiest space.
I think customizing your bedroom and finding a layout, design, patterns, colors, etc. that fit you is a great way to foster creative energy (which I need for the exciting projects I have coming out soon!) and also to prioritize rest. When my space feels personal, I feel more at ease, more open, and overall better.
Today, I’m sharing the five must-have bedroom elements for my happiest space: 
This may be the most important key, for me personally. While natural light is preferred, it’s not always possible. That’s why whenever I get into a space, if there’s not a lot of natural light to be found, I try to switch out the bulbs in my room with white light bulbs that mimic the bright, crispness of natural light, rather than yellow lighting that can sometimes feel dingy.
Oh wait, this is definitely the most important to me. Anyone who knows me knows that I always have music blaring in my room. Previously, I streamed music off my TV which was great, but I just bought myself an early 1970s stereo system with a turntable that was completely refurbished, including a newly added Bluetooth connection. I love that this piece is functional decor, with a sleek vintage look that adds character and a bumping sound system I haven’t turned off since I got it.
Sienna Mae Gomez Stereo
So while this isn’t a must-have, it is a must-recommend. I always use white bedding because it feels clean, and when it’s not, you can wash it on a hot setting with a tiny bit of bleach to make things fresh and crisp again. I also love that with white bedding, you can really play with other colors in the room since the bed becomes a neutral!
4. ART
My favorite part of bedroom redecorating is finding cool art that I feel speaks to the journey I’m on at present. I love that you can change out your art over the years or switch back and forth depending on what kind of energy you’re looking to bring into the space. In this stage of my life, I’m looking to promote creative thinking and bring good community into my life, which is reflected by a handmade dream catcher I found at the melrose flea market, a vintage potato sack, and letters and photos from my friends hanging on my wall. I think these items bring a warmth into the space that makes me feel at peace, which has been my main goal for my bedroom.
I think one of the easiest and most affordable ways to liven a space and bring positive vibes into it is to incorporate plants. Our minds mimic our surroundings, and I think if we’re surrounded by growth, we’re bound to grow too. I also love to bring fresh flowers in whenever I can as a little love note to myself. Right now I’m loving the roses from our garden that are in full bloom!
Sienna Mae Gomez