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We’re officially in June which means summer swim season is finally here! If you know me, you know bikinis are kind of my thing. I started collecting swimwear a couple years ago and was so happy when it became a part of the way I connected with my community online. Sharing the swimwear brands, colors, and cuts I love has become one of my favorite ways to see the people who follow me engaging with each other in the comment sections across my platforms. 
In the spirit of sharing swimwear secrets, here are four swimwear trends that I think will be spicing up the beaches and pools this summer!
  1. LAYERING : One of the best trends is the layering of multiple suits. Whether the suit is faux-layered or actually two suits in one, the appearance of multiple colors, patterns, silhouettes, and textures creates a look that is different, interesting and just feels like a fresh idea!
Sienna Mae Gomez Swim Line
2. BRIGHT COLORS: The best accessory to a bikini is inarguably a sun-kissed glow, and bright colors really bring out the bronze beauty in all of us! I love seeing brands picking brighter palettes because I feel like the last few years have been neutral-dominated, which is super chic of course, but I for one am excited for summer looks that use bright textiles to create a feeling of celebration and happiness.
Sienna Mae Gomez Swim
3. FLATTERING FUNCTIONALITY: I think one thing we can all agree on is that no matter how cute a swim suit is, if you don’t feel flattered in it, it’s not the one. I love that we are starting to see more variety in shapes and cuts across swimwear that is both flattering and functional. If I’m wearing a surf suit, I don’t want it to cut me off in awkward places and make me feel boxy or like I’m wearing a children’s rash guard. I want to feel feminine and sexy, while also feeling secure.
Sienna Surf Suit
4. VINTAGE INSPIRED CUTS: One of my favorite sub-categories of bikinis are vintage bikinis from the 1990s, primarily because until recently, vintage suits were the only ones you could find a high cut, leg-lengthening silhouette in – like the ones my mom and her friends used to wear in high school and college. I adore that vintage inspired cuts are making a comeback with high waisted bottoms, underwired tops, and classic shapes that feel timeless and flirty. 
Sienna Swim
I can’t wait to see what all of you are wearing this summer, and if you need help finding your go-to summer suit, you should check out the new addition to my IG bio ;). Whatever you’re wearing, make sure it makes you feel confident, beautiful, and vibrant, because after all, you are! <3 
Sienna Mae Gomez