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A few weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to work with the talented team over at Flaunt Magazine.  The shoot was fun for a lot of reasons, especially being part of the Flaunt collective for a day, which has a fresh, disruptive, edgy nature that I absolutely adore.
Flaunt has a unique ability to celebrate emerging talent in the fashion industry as well as the personal style of those they feature . Flaunt’s vibe has the same energy as the cool older sister whose room you beg to hang out in just to listen to her music (even if you might not quite understand it yet). Girls like Kaia Gerber and Barbie Ferreira who have both been featured and who I consider explicitly cool and tasteful. You sit on her bed and look around at her posters and funky jewelry and think to yourself, “I want to be her when I grow up.”
The team I was able to work alongside had the same energy. Gorge Villapondo, who serves as the fashion editor at Flaunt, styled me in edgy yet feminine looks that made me feel confident and in my element. One of my favorite things to do is find innovative ways to use pieces outside of their normal style, which is why I was so excited when we decided to feature some of my Sienna Swim pieces in the shoot in a more editorial style with monochromatic accessories that reminded me swimwear isn’t just for the beach.
Sienna Swim Editorial
The beauty team was another band of cool girls. Hair was done by the lovely Terra Rose Puncerelli, who I was already a fan of after seeing her work on J-Lo (my queen), and she did not disappoint. We landed on a slicked back, high pony that was giving very much Hailey Bieber at the 2019 Met Gala. Needless to say, I was obsessed and wore it all day long. My makeup, by the talented and kind Bailee Wolfson, was a rich smoky eye that was neutral enough to suit all the looks for the day and make my eyes pop. Fun fact: I usually do my own makeup for shoots because I know what I like, but Bailee was phenomenal and I was so grateful to sit in her chair! 
Our photographer, Trevor Paul, gave me amazing direction and made me feel super comfortable. We had some beautiful locations with clean, modern lines that lended themselves to the trendy, editorial vibe of the shoot.
Sienna Mae Flaunt Mag
Something I am really excited about for the rest of 2022, and something I am looking forward to in 2023, is the opportunity to pursue my passion for fashion a bit more. I have always loved putting together outfits and watching fashion shows, but with the production of my swim line well underway, I have a newfound respect and appreciation for the fashion industry like never before. This industry has obviously been respected for a long time, but I think sometimes people regard it as frivolous and don’t take it seriously. The people I have had the opportunity to work with on these shoots, as well as behind the scenes in production and brand work, prove day in and day out that the fashion industry is not only serious business, it’s artistry at work. Seeing the jobs, artwork, and community generated within fashion inspire me to continue learning, cultivating my personal style, and appreciating the styles of others.
Sienna Mae Flaunt Magazine
Check out my interview and photos on which came out today! I hope my cover story will inspire you to push your limits, find your passions, and allow you to appreciate the cool older sisters of the world.<3
Sienna Mae Gomez