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The holidays are upon us again! This is my most favorite time of the year, with all the traditions, lights, and especially the spirit of giving. I spend a lot of time gift shopping for my friends and family each year, and I try to make each gift feel really personal and thoughtful. I have been told that I am an excellent gift-giver, and in the spirit of the holidays, I’m bringing you my 2022 gift guide with a special astrological twist. Last year I did a gift guide based on the 5 love languages, and this year I bring you: The Zodiac Gift Guide. Here’s what I would buy for my friends and family based on their zodiac sign!
CAPRICORN: As a Capricorn myself, I think I speak for all of us when I say this: we are notoriously hard workers, which is great, until we become workaholics. To help the Capricorn in your life relax this holiday season, get them one of these Dr. Teal’s gift sets complete with their signature Soothe & Sleep epsom salts and foaming bath for the ultimate unwinding. 
Bath Salts and Bubble Bath
AQUARIUS: Aquarians love to save the world and thrive in changing environments, but I think sometimes they can be so focused on the world around them that they forget to take care of themselves first. This book by Brianna Wiest, The Mountain is You, is all about how to stop self-sabotaging and get the life you really want and deserve. Let an Aquarian know they deserve to put themselves first this season with this incredible read.
The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest
PISCES: Every Pisces I know is artistic in one way or another. They are escapists at heart, and what better way to combine the two by escaping into art. This watercolor kit is the perfect way to please a Pisces this holiday season and give them an outlet to hyper-focus on instead of texting their ex.
Watercolor Kit
ARIES: Our most impulsive members of the zodiac are also our most determined. If there’s a problem, Aries will be quickest to find a solution, but they’ll also be the first one to start a new problem to entertain themselves out of boredom. To entertain the Aries in your life, get them this 1000 piece puzzle that doubles as an art piece when they’re done—that is, if they don’t smash it when they’re finished.
1000 piece puzzle
TAURUS: The grounded, steady bull who warms everyone around them. Taurus deserves to receive some warmth back this year, and nothing is quite as cozy as a cup of tea. Upgrade their tea game with this electric tea kettle that is as useful as it is adorable.
Electric tea kettle
GEMINI: Geminis get a bad rep if you ask me, and they’re some of the most introspective people I’ve met. For the inquisitive Gemini in your life, get them the five minute journal and these pens to help them reflect on both of their personalities!
Gel Pens
CANCER: The resident emo kids of the zodiac need a group hug. They’re the most giving, sentimental, and loving people and they deserve to get some of that love back! Since we can’t wrap a hug, this weighted, heated blanket is the next best thing! 
Weighted Blanket
LEO: If ever there was a member of the zodiac at serious risk of falling into the river staring at their own reflection, it’s a Leo. We can’t fault them for it, though—you have to admire the self love. A Leo takes great pride in their appearance, which is why this professional-grade high frequency wand is the perfect gift to keep them and their skin feeling refreshed and pampered.
High Frequency Machine
VIRGO: If there’s one thing a Virgo loves, it’s order and routine. The perfectionist in me LOVES coffee making videos on TikTok for the perfectly tiny ice cubes, aesthetic cups, and sleek glass straws (and I’m not even a Virgo!). Build the perfectionist in your life a coffee kit with this set of glasses and straws and their very own TikTok-esque ice tray.
Ice Tray
LIBRA: For the social butterflies of the zodiac who love to be playful, this game from We’re Not Really Strangers is the ideal gift! Libra can sit down with their circle and get to know everyone in a deeper, more romantic way with questions that really make you think and feel!
We're Not Really Strangers
SCORPIO: Scorpios, the most passionate members of the zodiac, deserve a gift that’s as fiery as they are. This coconut wax blend candle has top notes of amber, vanilla, and sandalwood that are sure to light their fire.
Baltic Amber Candle
SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius are curious creatures who love to explore. They hate to be bored and are absolutely fun-loving. This game gets the whole room to spill their secrets, and gets everyone at the party laughing. Sagittarius is sure to love the group effort and shared laughs!
Most Likely To Game
With all the commotion at the holidays, I think it can sometimes be easy to get lost in gift-giving and end up buying things just to buy something. I encourage all of you to sit down, really think of your people, and get them something that speaks to who they are. Don’t forget, a card also goes a long way! However you’re celebrating the holidays this year, make sure it means something to you. <3 
Sienna Mae Gomez