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Valentine’s Day is coming up next week, on Tuesday, February 14. When I was little, I loved taking Valentine’s to school to exchange with friends, making cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries with my family, and waking up to boxes of chocolate and hand-written cards from my parents. It’s one of those holidays that people either love or hate, and since my parents’ anniversary falls on the day, I enjoy celebrating it (plus, I’ll take any excuse to eat chocolate…who’s with me?).
This year I wanted to spread the love by sharing some of the gift ideas I had for my boyfriend, and some that I hope to get too! Love or hate the occasion, I hope these ideas help you figure out the perfect gift for the person in your life!
1. Give the Gift of Silence:
My boyfriend and I spend a lot of time together, and we rarely get tired of each other’s company, but I do film a lot when we’re together. He is the most supportive human and always helps me film, take photos for my swim brand or Instagram, and even does funny Voice Overs for me (watch the latest one here, lol). That said, sometimes if I’m filming a get ready with me or on a Zoom meeting for Sienna Swim, he wants to watch TV or listen to music. That’s why I considered getting him these Bose noise-canceling headphones. They have two modes – quiet, which blocks out all outside noise, and aware. I like the fact that he can switch between them depending on what he’s doing—quiet for when I’m in a meeting in the background, or aware if he’s out exercising and wants to be able to hear cars driving by him. Also, if you like the idea of headphones but not the price of these, I’ve heard these do the trick for a little less money!
Two pairs of noise-cancelling headphones in black, with different pricing options, one for $249 and one for $45
polaroid photo of a boy photographing a girl in a bikini
2. Chef It Up:
Recently, my boyfriend entered his chef era. We take turns cooking for each other and his “thing” right now is steak. He is having so much fun trying to get the perfect medium-rare sear on it and trying different seasonings, so I thought putting together a little gift basket of steak essentials might be perfect. I looked at this cast iron skillet, a barbecue kit, and these organic seasonings that I planned on pairing with a couple of filets. Let’s be honest, it’s also a gift for me too! 🙂 
Hand stirring pan of eggs
Different cooking utensils, at top a cast iron skillet, in the middle a variety of BBQ accessories, and on the bottom a collection of Kinder's BBQ seasonings
3. Hate to See Him Go, Love to Watch Him Leave:
I am convinced these Dickies canvas pants make every guy 100% hotter. They’re a relaxed, straight-leg fit and have a size range from S-5XL. I prefer the cream color but they also come in white! Would be so cute to get these and write a sweet message on the inside of the waistband so that every time they put them on, they think of you. Sharpie not included, lol.
Men's beige colored Dickies work pants with loops on the sides
4. Sleep On It:
One of my favorite gifts to give to people I love are gifts that I know will make their day-to-day more enjoyable. One idea I had was to upgrade my boyfriend’s nighttime routine with a new pair of pajama pants from Hanes and some Ugg Slippers to help him relax.
Men's brown, sheepskin slippers and Hanes pajama pants in blue/black plaid
5. Get Out of Town:
My boyfriend and I love to travel, and we do a good amount of it between work, visiting our families, and taking weekend trips here and there. He’s also obsessed with camo, which is why I thought this Carhartt duffle bag would be perfect for him! It’s got plenty of storage, is easy to spot at baggage claim (despite being invisible), and is super durable since I know it would get a lot of use. The bag itself is a great gift, but I’m thinking of also planning a little overnight for the two of us so he can use it right away.  
Camouflage print duffle bag from Carhartt
1. Girls-Night-In:
If the love in your life loves to have girl’s nights, or is just fond of drinking out of a fancy cup, get her these adorable, multicolor drinking glasses. If you’re shopping for someone who is 21+ pair with their favorite bottle of wine or, if they don’t drink alcohol, pair with your favorite soda alternative like these from my favorite, Poppi, who just sent me a ton of new flavors I’m obsessed with! 
4 multicolored wine glasses, from left to right, top to bottom, green, blue, pink, and orange
PR package from Poppi sodas
2. Something Sparkly & Sustainable:
I have been loving Pavoi jewelry! The line, which is sold on Amazon, features 14K gold plating, is made from 100% recycled metals, and features biodegradable packaging. They have the cutest gold hoops & necklaces, including this dainty cross pendant that reminds me of the one I have from Tiffany & Company. Every one of their pieces is understated, delicate, and the perfect way to show some love.
Gold & diamond dainty cross necklace on gold chain, gold hoop earrings
3. Creative Inspiration:
I’m loving these art and fashion books! And especially love that they double as creative inspiration and artwork themselves. You can place them on a coffee table to brighten up a room, and at the same time use them as inspo for interior design or your next photo session with friends. I have my eye on this Andy Warhol Polaroid collection & the AD Century of Style book. 
Two coffee table books, one from Architectural digest and one from Andy Warhol
4. Make Their Life Easier:
I think there’s something really endearing about gifts that are intended to make your daily life run more smoothly or make your ordinary, daily routine feel more luxurious in some way. That’s why I love the idea of receiving a vanity organizer (this one is so cute and has multiple drawers!). Upgrade your bae’s daily routine by giving them a place to put all their makeup or skincare, and bonus points if you stock it with a few of their favorite products, or a few new ones they’ve been wanting to try! If you need suggestions, check out my favorite beauty products in my makeup essentials blog here.
Green and gold accented makeup organizer
5. Get Cozy:
I am someone who loves to chill, and doing it in this barefoot dreams ultra cozy robe sounds like my own personal heaven. If your Valentine is someone who loves to snuggle up, get them this robe, their favorite snacks, and plan a movie-night-in just the two of you! Some quality time complete with a super soft robe is the perfect way to marry a low-key night in with a special-occasion feeling.
Fuzzy, beige-pink colored robe with hood and belt
If you buy any of these gifts for your Valentine or for yourself, make sure to message me and let me know how they/you like it! I would love to see what you all pick out. I hope you have a happy Valentine’s day, and remember that love really is all around us if we know where to look. <3 
Girl and boy laying together on lounge chair with mountains in the background and hearts around their heads
Sienna Mae Gomez