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One of the things I feel like I started to do well in 2023 is balance. Especially regarding fitness, I used to have such an “all or nothing” attitude toward working out that really hindered my overall progress.
I used to feel like if I wasn’t working out, hard, seven days a week, or eating 100% clean, and doing everything perfectly I should just throw in the towel altogether. This resulted in a lot of, well, nothing. I would get so hung up on the things I wasn’t doing right that I would fail to see the things that were working, the progress I was making, and the ways I felt better. In not appreciating myself and the effort I was making, I’d usually end up at a standstill, right back where I started, because this approach made consistency almost impossible.
I have seen the most progress over the last year in my overall health since I started accepting the days and times I can’t adhere perfectly to my regimen. I sometimes go a couple days (especially when I’m traveling) where I can’t eat the way I normally do at home or exercise to the same extent, and other times I don’t feel my best or life gets in the way, but I’m learning how to maintain my consistency without holding on too tightly to my routine. 
I get asked all the time in my social media comments and DMs for health pointers, so here are some of the ways I’ve been able to stay more consistent over the last year, and the things I’m looking to do this year that will help me push forward and achieve new goals.


I recently posted to snapchat about how some days, I can’t get to my full workout. In the past, I would spend these days mad at myself, feeling unmotivated, and being sluggish because I was upset that I couldn’t do a workout the “right” way. Lately, though, on days when I feel like I have no time or motivation, I try to take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood. It’s still movement, and light movement is better than no movement. In fact, active rest is just as important as more intense workouts are for your overall health, plus, my dog loves me for it.

Snapchat photo with text about how sometimes a walk is the perfect amount of exercise, users foot and dog visible in frame
After I’ve had a couple days of travel or celebration, anything where my typical nutrition and movement routine is thrown off, I just give myself a clean slate and reset for the week. Your body is sort of like your room. When you’re really busy, it may get messy for a few days, but come Sunday, you can do your laundry, make your bed, and reset for the week ahead.

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I started doing this when I was training for my half marathon, and I still do it a lot of the time. On days when cardio feels especially impossible, I’ll alternate between running and walking. Sometimes it’s a distance interval, like running a mile, then walking a mile, and switching back and forth until I hit a certain distance. Other times, I run for a minute then walk for a minute until I’ve hit 30 minutes. This has kept me consistently running even on days when I have zero motivation to do it.

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I used to do the most elaborate workouts and diet plans. I would make things virtually impossible for myself unless everything went *perfectly* to plan and I had no schedule mishaps or changes. The thing that has kept me most consistent overall is simplicity. My workouts are effective, but approachable. My food is nutrient dense and typically fairly quick to cook. Sure, sometimes I do something extra like taking a fitness class or cooking a new recipe, but most days I’m in my backyard with dumbbells and in the kitchen with ground beef and sweet potatoes.

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I used to stay up so late that I would wake up just before I had to be somewhere. There was no time to wake up slowly let alone get a workout in before the day started. Now, I try to stop caffeine consumption by 2 PM and be in bed around 11PM. It doesn’t always happen, but prioritizing my rest lets me be more prepared and able to stay on routine.

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If you’re looking to institute more balance in your life this year, start with a balance between acceptance and motivation. You can accept the days things don’t go to plan, while still pushing yourself in the direction of your goals. I hope these tips make whatever stage of your health journey a little less looming, and that you remember that small progress is still progress. <3 
Sienna Mae Gomez