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One lesson I have been learning is how important it is to have people in my life who love, support, and encourage me to be the best version of myself.
I’ve done a lot of healing, learning, and growing in the last year. I learned about myself, the world, who I want to be, who I’ve been. A huge part of becoming the person I want to be is surrounding myself with people who inspire me to take better care of myself and to lead with compassion.
This is most certainly easier said than done. It can feel hopeless at times trying to find people who make you feel better when the world tries to bring you down. Over and over again though, the universe delivers me loving, caring, and kind people, so long as I myself am loving, caring, and kind first, both to myself and others.
I think the interesting part of this process is how our online community has started to bleed into our real life community. Social media complicates things at times, and it definitely has the capacity to disconnect us from our friends and peers as we slip into the habits of seeing what our friends are doing rather than asking, and assuming things about people from the surface level interactions we have online.