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It’s holiday season again, which for some of us means we are traveling more than usual, and this is the first holiday in a while that some of us are able to see loved ones far and wide as the pandemic has slowed a bit to allow for travel.  For me, maintaining my mental health while traveling means sticking to my routine where possible, and exercising flexibility where it’s not.
I’ve been traveling a decent amount for work lately, which I am so grateful for. Seeing other parts of the world, and being able to connect with friends and family along the way is something I am extremely thankful for. That said, if you travel for the holidays, you get it. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle in airports, lots of family gatherings and it can sometimes feel like you don’t get a moment for yourself. It can also be unnerving when you have to disrupt the routine that works in your day-to-day life, even if it is in the name of something you’re really excited about. My philosophy to combatting the feelings of anxiety that come with disrupting your routine, and the guilt that comes with feeling anxious when you’re supposed to be excited: find the in-betweens. Need some elaboration? I’ve got you!