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The third collection for Sienna Swim – and the last for this year – drops this month and I couldn’t be more excited! This first six months in business has taught me so much about design, commerce, and everything in between. Collections one and two (which are on sale NOW during our weekend warehouse sale!) were fun, bright, and fresh. Collection three will be a whole new vibe.
The best part about launching this brand has been challenging myself to reach further and be more creative with every collection—collection three is definitely the coming together of growing the brand at the same time that I grow myself, a little more mature and stylish.
Whether it’s our sizing, our website or our socials, we are committed to improving upon each collection. With collection three, I wanted to shift our aesthetics to feel more editorial because I designed this collection surrounded by and inspired by vintage editorials. 
Vintage vogue
Specifically, I looked at old Vogue magazine covers from the 1940s to the 1990s. I loved the way they felt luxurious, clean, and classic. I wanted to incorporate that feel not only into the photoshoots for this collection, but into the suits themselves. I decided this round would be resort-wear focused, inspired by the idea of a winter holiday that whisks you away from the cold and snow to sun and sand.
The vintage Vogue covers also inspired a lot of the names in this collection. Usually, I name all the collection pieces after beaches and places I love, and while the majority of the pieces follow this tradition, I also decided to name a few of our new items after women who inspired me throughout my research for this collection, and I can’t wait to reveal them to you soon!
Sienna Mae in crochet dress
The other thing I try to do with every collection is listen to our customers, especially those who have returned and bought multiple items from various collections. We received a lot of requests to bring back our Cherry and Emerald color ways in our ‘Nalo, Rio and Malibu styles (all of these styles in both colors sold out sooo fast!) — so I’m excited to announce our three most popular styles will be restocked in two of our most popular colors, and it’s fitting that they mirror the colors of the upcoming Christmas holiday too!
I’m also so excited to be introducing a men’s line! People started asking me if I had ever planned to do a men’s line during collection one, and at the time I hadn’t. The more I got to thinking about it and the more requests I kept receiving, the more I realized that I wanted to create something that my boyfriend, brothers, and friends could wear to be a part of Sienna Swim. In addition to that, there’s nothing cuter than a his and hers matching set…;)
Vintage vogue shoot
I am so excited to share this expanded range of styles, colors, and our fantastic first-ever print with you guys in just a few weeks (and gift cards too!) – and return customers will have a full 24 hours before everyone else to shop. Counting down the days and busy making it all happen…stay in the know via Sienna Swim Instagram and don’t forget, swimwear and resort wear always makes a great holiday gift!<3 
Sienna Mae Gomez